BEcome a confident coach in just 6 months

  • 6 MONTHS  
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  • Are you a professional who wants to further develop your coaching skills?
  • Are you thinking about working as an independent coach?
  • Are you looking for a practical, accredited training in coaching?
  • Are you a coach who wants to become an even better coach?
  • Then this coaching course, the Coach Intensive, is the training for you! With Coach Intensive, you soon learn to coach confidently and effectively in a relatively short time. NONONS works with small groups and a lot of ‘learning by doing’. Learning to coach by putting theory into practice, because experience is the best teacher.


  • The location for this coaching course is in Amsterdam at NONONS.
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Why Coach Intensive for training in coaching?

The Coach Intensive is a practical, knowledge-packed six-month programme in which you learn to coach confidently and effectively. The 9 days and 4 half-days provide a balanced mix of theory, practice and reflection.

For who is the Coach Intensive?

This training is aimed at professionals who want to become independent coaches or would like to further develop their coaching skills. A college or university degree and 10 years’ work experience with coaching or mentoring conversations are the requirements for participation. You should also have done some personal development training or have a foundation certificate in coaching. If you have less work experience, we will do an assessment to determine whether you are at the required level. 


If you are planning to become a coach after taking the Coach Intensive course, then it is good to know that the course has Nobco/ EMCC EQA accreditation at Practitioner level.


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Becoming a coach with the Coach Intensive, what will you learn?

  • As a coach, you will be able to draw up an explicit coaching contract, recognize, acknowledge and communicate its boundaries, and carefully bring the coaching process to an end; all within the coach-coachee-client triangle.
  • You can draw up a clear step-by-step plan with appropriate, concrete actions and a suitable method for achieving goals.
  • You can evaluate the whole process using a formal procedure.
  • As a coach you can carefully build a coaching relationship using the appropriate skills (inspiring confidence, making a connection, showing empathy, setting boundaries), models and techniques to create an environment in which the coachee learns and gains insights (identifying working patterns, giving feedback and encouragement, engaging and enquiring).
  • You can give guidance on three levels of learning, i.e. skills, convictions and beliefs/motivation. A professional coach should be able to have in-depth conversations to teach individuals at all three levels.
  • You can explain the theoretical basis for your coaching approach and will have found a personal vision and style. This helps you to develop an unique identity as a coach and to be a source of inspiration for your coachees.

The programme

The Coach Intensive consists of a number of modules: the basics, an in-depth weekend, practical days, intervision, supervision and the exam.

The basics

During the first three (consecutive) training days, you learn and expand your coaching skills and techniques. We go through the whole process of working as a coach – from structuring coaching sessions to how you should react when interaction becomes awkward – to support you in becoming a confident coach. After these three days you immediately start coaching.

In-depth weekend

During this weekend (Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the latest, Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 5 the latest, and Sunday from 9.30 3 the latest), you learn more about yourself and your convictions, you will gain insight into your own feelings during the coaching process. You practice with standard and proven coaching models and theories that you can easily apply.

Practice days

Becoming a coach means a lot of practice and doing. There are three practice days, during which we deal with difficult issues and dilemmas. You practice with methods and techniques. And you conduct coaching sessions with each other which are also assessed.


You share experiences in small intervision groups. You plan the meetings yourself and choose the intervision method to be used.


The three supervision meetings are usually held from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the latest; sometimes between 1.30 and 5 p.m. Working in a small group, you practice interventions and are given feedback on your style that will help to make you an effective coach.

Coaching in practice

To become a good coach, you need to practice a lot. So, during the course, you will spend 36 hours conducting coaching sessions. You recruit your own coachees. You make reflective notes of the coaching sessions, and these are also read by the trainers.


On the exam day, you conduct a coaching session with your examinator and also take a written exam.


All the training days for courses in Amsterdam are held at NONONS. Linnaeushof 6-1hoog.


The investment is €5,495 (BTW is not applicable), which includes coffee, tea, lunch and all material.

The English course can be teached upon request. Please contact Chantal

  • 6 MONTHS
  •  € 5,495,-